Blackfeet Housing Rental Admissions and Occupancy Policies

Rental and Admissions Policy

Title VIII: Animals

Blackfeet Housings policy on dogs in tenant housing

Tribal Resolution 139-93

Blackfeet Tribal Resolution 139-93, which enforces Tribal Ordinance 88.

Blackfeet Housing Lease Agreement

Lease agreement between the Tenant and Blackfeet Housing

Dog Regulation and Control Ordinance

Blackfeet Housings Ordinance on dog regulations and control

Junk Vehicle and Wrecking Yard Ordinance

This Ordinance provides for the licensing and regulation of all motor vehicle wrecking facilities, the controlling of junk vehicles in non-wrecking yard locations and matters related thereto on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Tribal Ordinance 88

Blackfeet Tribal Ordinance 88, which regulates how members are to treat dogs, how mistreatment will be punishable and outlines non-vaccination penalties.