Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Blackfeet Housing has new funding available to assist renters with rental arrears, utility arrears, prospective (future) rent.

Blackfeet Housing offers eligible households assistance with current or late rent, energy or  utility bills, and other housing costs dating back to the start of the pandemic. Applicants must be a rental resident who has experienced homelessness or housing instability, and has a household income at or below 80% of the area median income. Preference is to ANY renter in Glacier or Pondera Counties first, Tribal Members in other Montana Counties second, and ANY Tribal members living outside of Montana third.

Blackfeet Housing is now accepting applications to assist everyone with rent payments, regardless of location. We have a from that can be filled out to assist both tenants and landlords are seeking assistance in paying both past and current rent and utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


American Rescue Plan Breakdown for Tribal Housing

Last week, President Biden signed into law the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan which provides nearly $30 billion to Tribes and Tribal programs. NAIHC will work with all of our federal partners to make sure tribal housing funds are provided quickly and effectively to your communities. Please see the highlights of funding that will impact tribal housing programs below. 

NAHASDA Funding - $750 Million

  • IHBG - $450 M (Indian Housing Block Grant by formula)

    • Same use language as CARES Act​

      • Sec. 11003(a)(1)(c)USE.-Amounts made available under this paragraph shall be used by recipients to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, including to maintain normal operations and fund eligible affordable housing activities under NAHASDA during the period that the program is impacted by coronavirus.​

  • NHHBG- $5M (Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant)​​

  • ICDBG- $280M (Indian Community Development Block Grant)

  • TTA & Admin- $10M & $5M (training and technical assistance)

BIA HIP program - $100 M

Homeowner Assistance - $500M

  • 5% set-aside of large program

  • Similar to Emergency Rental Assistance program operated by Treasury

  • Would follow IHBG formula

  • Statutory text does provide for local or national AMI

Rental Assistance - no new tribal money, but does extend deadline to use existing funds to Sept 30, 2022

Tribal Relief Fund - $20 Billion (similar to CRF funding last year, but Treasury will consult on formula allocations rather than just use IHBG formula)

Individual stimulus payments - another $1400 for qualifying individuals

Other funds for tribes also included (non-housing)